The Delegates Committee represents the Church at meetings of the New Haven Association and Connecticut Conference of the United Church of Christ, and other activities of these organizations, including those related to ordination to ministry.

  • Meet as needed to provide delegates to the wider church from Spring Glen Church
  • The Delegates ensure that Spring Glen Church is represented at local, area and state wide UCC meetings including:
    • (2) Association meetings per year -- Spring and Fall
      • The Association is the body that oversees pastors, decides who gets to train to be a pastor, who gets ordained, and who gets installed. These meetings occur throughout the year as needed. At these special association meetings, delegates meet new candidates, hear them deliver their ordination papers, and attend their ordinations. Delegates also attend installations of new pastors to association churches, when someone is called to a new parish. We need six representatives at each of these meetings.
      • Ecclesiastical Councils as needed by the Association to discern fitness for ministry by applying Association members.
    • Connecticut Conference:  annual Fall meeting and special meetings as needed
      • The conference provides a wide array of services and support to local churches. At its meetings conference-level elections are held, conference budgets are discussed and passed, and issues are discussed and positions are taken on issues. Non-business workshops are also held. We need two representatives at each of these meetings.
  • The committee utilizes members of any age who are interested in the wider church and are able to attend the meetings away from the church. We often carpool, so those who don’t drive can still serve by riding with other committee members. We have usually had clergy members on this committee and would like to see more lay-person involvement. Clergy who are serving churches in Connecticut already have a vote at the conference meetings and also at the meetings of the Association at which they are recognized.