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Ella Scantlebury Fellowship, Saturday, Oct. 17:

            Fellowship and joy best describe this evolving ministry!   Please join us!

            In 2005, a small group of Spring Glen and Christian Tabernacle members decided to bring light and laughter to a senior residence. We were lead to the Ella B. Scantlebury residence, home to about 20 African American ‘mature’ adults. Our small...

Thanks to the Crew who served at Columbus House in September!

Thanks to your generosity, on Thursday, September 24th, Columbus House clients enjoyed a dinner of casserole, green beans, green salad, bread and butter, cake, and watermelon.   Many thanks to all our food shoppers, preparers, and servers!!


We s'mored! We played! We chatted!

There was a wbole lot of s'more roasting, playing and chatting going on at our end of summer S'more Roast and Lawn Games gathering on August 23!

Agape Meal: Learning, Feasting, and Worshiping together

The Great Hall was transformed this afternoon to serve our "Agape," or "love feast," a fellowship meal that recalls the meals Jesus shared with the disciples during his ministry. The meal we shared was integrated with elements of worship, in much the same way the early church would have shared in its life together. There were elements that recalled the Seder...

Recipe for a Successful Pancake Breakfast

585 pancakes, 15 dozen eggs, 1/2 gallon syrup, 20 lbs bacon, 2 lb butter, 6 gallon OJ, 2 urns of coffee, 1 pot of hot water for tea, a dozen or so youth and several adults. Thanks to all who slept over, set up, cooked, ate, conversed, and cleaned up to help raise...