Fellowship Hour Hosting Information and Instructions

What does it mean to host coffee hour?

Each week there will be one Fellowship Ambassador as well as two volunteer families/church members to host coffee hour.  The Fellowship Ambassador knows how to set up for coffee hour as well as clean up after coffee hour, so they can guide you through the process. 

As a coffee hour volunteer, we ask that you:

Before Church:

  • Arrive at church by 9:15 to help set up the Great Hall, and prepare food and beverages for coffee hour.
  • The set-up should be complete before the church service starts.

At the start of the last hymn of the service:

  • Return to the kitchen to move all of the food and beverages into the Great Hall.

During coffee hour:

  • One volunteer should be stationed to help pre-pour and serve juice for children. 
  • The other volunteers can socialize and ensure that we don’t run out of beverages.

After coffee hour:

  • The volunteers should help the Fellowship Ambassador clean up.
  • All of the dishes will be washed in the dishwasher.  Don’t worry!  The Fellowship Ambassador knows how to do this.
  • Any leftover food needs to be put away.
  • Coffee pots washed and set to dry.
  • Tables need to be wiped off.
  • Trash needs to be taken to the dumper.
  • Clean-up is usually done between noon and 12:30.

Should I bring anything?

Please note: Coffee Hour food should be nut-free! 

You do not need to bring anything.  We stock cookies and coffee cakes, so you should never feel obligated to bring food.  Although if you would like to bring a centerpiece, juice, baked good, cheese & cracker platter, or fruit, that would be well received.  If you do bake, please do not use any tree nuts or peanuts.

What if I can't serve on my assigned date?

If you are not able to host on your assigned date, we ask that you try to help find a replacement, perhaps swapping with an individual/family scheduled later in the months ahead. Please notify Debby Jagielow  of any changes. She will update the master calendar and the church office. To find the phone numbers or email addresses of other members, be sure to log in as a member on this website, and then you may access a downloadable church directory from the righthand navigation menu.

Thank you so much for helping with coffee hour! 

One of the most integral portions of our Sunday worship experience is the Fellowship Hour held after worship each week.  Fellowship hour offers visitors their first opportunity to meet our congregation, while also providing current members and friends an opportunity to share and socialize.  None of this would be possible without the hosts who make coffee and clean up each week!