Spring Glen Church was organized in 1929 when a group of Protestants felt a need for a non-denominational church in the Spring Glen area.  Its first home was a rented building known as the “old Webb milk house.” In 1957 the congregation joined the newly formed denomination – the United Church of Christ.   The present sanctuary was dedicated in 1958, and in 1990 an elevator and outdoor ramp were added to the building to make the facilities fully accessible. 

     We are a congregation firmly committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but instead of insisting on any single interpretation we invite each one to share his or her own faith and spirituality so that the whole body may be nurtured mutually. We are an Open and Affirming congregation welcoming persons of any age, race, sexual orientation, nationality, economic circumstance, or physical or mental ability.

     Our ministries include disaster response, education, human rights, refugee assistance, ministries to children and youth, global issues, and ecumenical and interfaith relations.

      The United Church of Christ (UCC) is a Protestant denomination that traces its roots to four church bodies: Congregational, Christian, Evangelical, and Reformed. The UCC is a free church, which means it has “freedom in the Gospel,” and no one dictates to a local church concerning the decisions it makes.  It is also a responsible church assuming that every decision-making body within the church will make its decisions in the light of the Gospel and out of a sense of responsibility to the whole community.

     The UCC lives out its faith through the worship of God experienced in Jesus and present in the Holy Spirit.  The UCC lives out its mission, “That They May All Be One” (John:17:21), through its Open and Affirming stand, through working for peace and justice in society and the world, and through ecumenical and interfaith relationships.

We welcome all to our community of faith and invite all who are looking for a church home to join us on our journey of life and faith.