Hospitality and Special Events Committee


The mission of the Hospitality Committee is to provide food, refreshment, hospitality, and fellowship for the membership and guests of the Spring Glen Church, thereby enriching and strengthening the community of Spring Glen Church. 
This widely-based committee focuses on ensuring that hospitality is extended to church family members in times of need and/or celebration - and sometimes just for fun - including:


  • Meeting times vary and scheduled on an as needed basis.
  • Provides welcoming atmosphere, fellowship and refreshment following the Sunday worship service.
  • Coffee Hour Ambassador Subcommittee assists the families who are hosting Fellowship Hour by answering questions and providing support as needed.
  • Each member is assigned to a Fellowship Hour as Ambassador on a monthly basis, rotating with other ambassadors.
  • Ambassadors ensure the coffee is hot, confirms the attendance of the hosts and prepares the Great Hall for guests. (In the summer, they make sure the tea is cold and the Fellowship Room is ready.)
    • Members must make sure all the food and paper supplies are ordered and stocked in the kitchens.
• Memorial Service Receptions – Supported and hosted by people of the church, the receptions provide a place to gather and a time of comfort and nourishment following memorial services. 

•  Outreach support for transportation and meals:

     Meals that Heal: Meals are prepared by the group and delivered to church members in times of     
     need. The group meets once a month to cook, preparing and delivering three meals each time.

     Helping Hands: One-on-One ministry providing rides or meals to those needing them.  A great
     number of people in the church who have volunteered their services are matched to requests for

• Fun-Raising group – Planning for inter-generational social gatherings, and supporting committees that are hosting such events.