Solar Future Investment Opportunity!

Solar panels to produce our electricity on our roof took a big leap when all of us attending the Annual Meeting unanimously approved borrowing up to $111,000 from our Building Endowment to finance our solar future.  I saw lots of nods and smiles when the Congregation was presented with an opportunity to make a special contribution to the solar project.  $100 will wire up a panel.  You can give the church a whole solar panel with a $1,000 special gift.  Or an essential electrical inverter for the system for about $7,500.  Any amount is fantastic.  Each special donation to this project enables us to borrow less from the endowment, which will allow us to enjoy greater savings sooner.  We do need to stress, though, that our annual budget can survive only if this special gift is in addition to your annual pledge amount.  Why consider a special contribution to the solar panel project?  First, because solar panels are green and environmentally cool.  They will let us produce our own clean electrical energy.  No oil and coal powered electricity.  No carbon pollution.  No smog pollution.  Clean power from the sun.  Second, it will mean we start saving money from day one.  Your contribution reduces what we borrow.  Saving the Church money.  This means we can spend more on our mission and the things that make our church great.  Like our Christian Education program; or Music program or Mission Trips.  Another option is to invest the savings in future green projects.  Imagine an organic garden that raises healthy vegetables out on our big lawn.  Where families and kids raise fresh veggies together, selling some at our farmer’s market, donating some to the soup kitchen.  Irrigated by rain collected off our roof.  Leading to a bold proclamation to green community living, attracting more young members.  Where the savings go will be the decision of the trustees based on our circumstances.  Bottom line is your special contribution to green clean solar energy that will save the church money from day one.

To contribute – just write a check to Spring Glen Church with a notation on it “solar panels”.  Or you can pick up a special pledge form on Sunday.  Or call the Church office and ask that one be mailed to your home.     ~Best, Curt Johnson