Spring Glen Church Facilities Usage Policy

Mission Statement

As part of the Body of Christ, the Spring Glen Church is called to follow Jesus’ example of respect for the integrity and dignity of all persons.  This is summed up in Jesus’ Great Commandment to love God with heart, soul, mind, and strength, and others as ourselves (Luke:10:27).  To follow this commandment is to pursue love, safety, peace and security for all who use our facilities.


Spring Glen Church welcomes the use of the church facilities for fellowship, educational and service events.  When not in use by Spring Glen Church programs, committees or members, the facilities may be made available to other organizations, groups or individuals whose purpose and programs are in keeping with the our Mission Statement.

Space Available, Usage and Rental Fees

Space is subject to availability based on the Spring Glen Church calendar, which is set by the Church Council and Pastors and is kept and maintained by the Church Office Administrator in the Church Office. 

The Church calendar is planned each September; therefore requests received prior to the finalization of the calendar may need to wait for approval.  The available spaces for rent are set forth on the Fee Schedule (Appendix – Item A); any exceptions must be approved by the Pastor and Moderator.  Prospective renters should understand while efforts will be made not to disrupt any group's use of booked space, the church reserves the right to use the room in the rare event that an unexpected need arises. Remedies may include an alternative available space within the church, and/or a discount in the rental fee.

If you are interested in renting space, please contact our Office Manager, Melissa Parnoff at 203.288.3381 x10 or complete the application below and scan and email the application to: SGC@SpringGlenChurch.org .


Approved by the Trustees, March 2016