Stewardship Campaign

Mike Palmeri’s Stewardship Reflection: “You are Called”

As you know, the Stewardship Season is underway. And, as Pastor Jack noted, the theme for this year’s campaign is the word “Called”. I have been asked to share my story as to why I feel called to be a part of Spring Glen Church. While there are many reasons why my family and I come to Spring Glen that I could talk about, when I hear the word “Called”, I think of the spiritual reasons why I am a part of this Church.

Basically, I am called to Spring Glen Church because of what “I don’t know” and what “I do know”. I am one who has more questions than answers when it comes to faith and I continue to struggle with a number of doubts. When Lee Anne and I first started coming to Spring Glen, all of that was fine, as I would primarily sit in the back pews and listen to and learn from Pastor Andy’s sermons. But then I became more involved in the life of the Church – two years as a confirmation mentor; four years as a Deacon, where we responsible for making worship decisions; and most recently, two years on the Search Committee, where we had to make the most important worship decision of all. In each case, there were times that I said to myself, “What am I doing here? Someone with all of my faith struggles has no business being a mentor, a Deacon or having any say as to who our next Senior Pastor will be.” However, in each case, I had to remind myself that, in this Church, facing these struggles is actually a positive, not a negative, thing. As Pastor Jack noted in his sermon last Sunday, Church isn’t easy, nor is it supposed to be. In this Church, most of us struggle at various times as we progress at various stages on our faith journeys, and we all may end up in different places, but, here, that is something to be celebrated, not something to be overcome.

While I still have big questions about God, what I do know is that God isn’t like the figure portrayed on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel – God is not a humanlike being with long flowing white hair and beard. So when the Book of Genesis says that we are created in God’s image that, of course, doesn’t mean that we physically look like God. To me, that means we each start out with a tiny spark of the divine within us. And I have experienced times in this Church, whether it be the Deacons coming together to lead worship on Laity Sunday, or at moments during the many hours the Search Committee sat around the table in the Fellowship Room, when I could almost feel the warmth from a number of those sparks coming together in pursuit of a greater purpose. To me, that’s what it means to experience the presence of God in this special place.

So, it is for these reasons that I am called to be a part of Spring Glen Church and to continue to devote time, effort and resources to this wonderful community.

As a reminder, pledge cards for 2017 are due November 13 th . You can bring your pledge card to worship, drop them off in the office, or e-mail on or before November 13th. Our goal is to increase pledging this year by $12,000. So I hope you’ll join me in supporting Spring Glen Church both in your pledge for 2017 and in your weekly offering now as this morning’s offering will now be given and received.