Check out our Newly Organized Book Library!

Whether you want to check out a book or just check out what books our Fellowship Room library has, please browse when you have a minute. Over the summer much work was done to purge books that were either outdated or in very poor condition. In addition, books were grouped according to general areas of interest. Far from being in alphabetical or exact Dewey Decimal system order, they are now at least in “User Friendly” order and well labeled. Looking for books about: Spirituality/Faith Formation? Prayer and Meditation?   Other religions? How about a favorite author who writes about Contemporary Christian Theology? Or Grieving? Or Women and Faith? Or Family Resources? Or how about just a fiction or biography book? Stop by and take a look. And if you wish to borrow, please just look for a well-marked loose leaf binder and utilize a simple sign out process. Am very grateful to Teri Osborn Kolton who was so helpful in assisting with this project. Thank you! Special thanks to the Memorial Gifts Committee which has provided us with some funding to cover labeling costs and buy some additional books to help expand our resources in areas such as lay caregiving, bible study resources and various topics to help families and all of us facing various transitions.

May you find a good read!

Carolyn Cary