Lay Caregivers Adopt New Name and Offer Second Hour program for Caregivers

Lay Caregivers - a new name - a renewed mission

The Lay Caregiver Team has been renamed! Our new name is Friends and Fellowship Team . We feel that this reflects more accurately our mission in our Church. We will continue to visit and support people who need a special connection with our church, when they can no longer attend worship, or when they would benefit from a friendly visit, call or contact.

And we have expanded our interests to help the whole congregation reflect on the needs of an aging population, and how we can support each other through the challenges of aging.

In light of this new orientation, we will offer a Second Hour program on October 23: “Caregiver’s Challenge: Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others.”

This dilemma affects many of us, who want to help and serve aging parents, ill family members, or friends. A call to care is part of the Christian life, and we honor it. The challenge is how to take care of others, while balancing one’s own needs.

“Caregiver’s Challenge: Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others.”  

October 23, 11:30 in the Fellowship Room

We are delighted to welcome to that conversation Maria Tomasetti , executive director of the South Central Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and our own member, Michele Backus , RN., case manager and discharge planner. Maria Tomasetti has been a caregiver and knows from the inside out the needs of families with stressful care situations. Michele Backus works with families to plan for safe discharge and the transition from hospital to home or rehab, and all that entails. They will help us address how to balance one’s own needs with the joy and the stress of caregiving. Please join us for this important discussion on Oct. 23, in the Fellowship Room, at 11:30 after worship!

- Pastor Clare for the Friends and Fellowship Team