Abraham's Tent

Abraham’s Tent Feb 19-26, Supporting Bethesda Lutheran
This is the time of year our congregation typically prepares to host 12 men in our Great Hall as part of the Abraham’s Tent ministry.  This year we will again actively support Abraham’s Tent, but our participation will look a bit different!  The AT program was blessed with far more congregations hoping to host than there were available weeks.   In particular, there was a congregation that had been hoping to host for a few years, but had not had the opportunity.  Since SGC has had the blessing of hosting since the program’s inception, it seemed right to allow another congregation the chance to experience the rewards this program provides.  We WILL, however, be partnering with Bethesda Lutheran Church, who will be hosting AT the week of Feb 19-26.  There will be opportunities to prepare & serve meals, provide overnight coverage, donate lunch supplies and gift cards, and most importantly, provide fellowship during the dinner and evening hours.  More detailed information will come shortly, but if you would like to participate, please contact Doug Hawthorne (dougdhawthorne@gmail.com ) or Laurel Laster (laurelclaster@gmail.com ).