was approved at the SGC January 2023 Annual Meeting. The Launch Team’s subsequent recommendations for the Proposed Staff & Volunteer Leadership Restructure (first steps of implementation) were approved by the congregation at the SGC May 2023 Annual Meeting.

After experimenting with countless new ways of being church during the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic, SGC began a journey, first with the Reimagining Church program at Yale Divinity School then an intentional Strategic Plan process that led to these 6 goals to propel us towards a more vibrant image of God’s kin-dom when we reach our 100th Anniversary in 2029-2030!

Launch Team Update!

Proposed Staff & Volunteer Leadership Restructure: We are thrilled to share the proposals of the Strategic Plan Launch Team (SPLaT) for updating both our staff leadership and our volunteer leadership to align with the Goals of our Strategic Plan, which was approved at the January 2023 Annual Meeting. The process that led to our new Strategic Plan surfaced new realities – from changes in membership to new trends in engagement – that called for rethinking how we work together, harnessing our collective energies to share God’s love.

Narrative SPLaT Proposal
The above linked Narrative Proposal is the formal document for consideration.

Org Chart SPLaT Summary
The above linked Org Chart serves as a visual translation of what is in the narrative proposal. It also contains a spreadsheet translating current committee positions onto the new model.

These proposals were presented to & endorsed by Council this past Tuesday after much thoughtful deliberation. This first step to implementing the Strategic Plan was born out of 3 years of church-wide discernment managed by 3 unique yet overlapping working groups (the Reimagining Church Team, the Strategic Plan TaskForce, and the Launch Team). Thus, the principles that guided these decisions incorporate many of the themes we’ve been discussing as a church for a long time: the need for a second full-time staff member, changing trends in how people engage with church, and the new realities of a Covid-era hybrid world with intensifying spiritual crises, personal struggles, and systemic injustices.Written feedback & questions can be sent to:

A hybrid in-person/online community info session will be held on May 7 after worship. And the proposal will be formally presented at the May Annual Meeting on May 21 after worship.
SPLaT Members Include: Rev Dr Sarah Drummond (chair), Terri Lee Waller (Staff Sub-Com Chair), Heather Jessen (Lay Sub-Com Chair), Carolyn Cary, Rev Jocelyn Gardner Spencer, Karen Giblin, Lucy Lucker, Andrew Maley, Rev Jack Perkins Davidson, Emily Smith, Becca Stevens, and Aaron Thompson

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