Better is a poor but wise youth than an old but foolish king, who will no longer take advice. Ecclesiastes 4:13

OASIS MultiChurch Youth Ministry

Vision Statement
We envision a sustainable and collaborative youth ministry that is essential for the spiritual health of our individual youth and our wider community. We strive to create a framework and program that works for us but also serves as a model for what’s possible for other churches struggling to enact meaningful ministry in an increasingly secular culture. 

Mission Statement
The Oasis Multi-Church Youth Ministry engages Greater New Haven Youth in Christ’s liberating example, empowering them to flourish as individuals and to co-create our beloved community of faith. Through experiences both joyful and challenging, our selves, our church, and our world become transfigured as the resilient creation that God envisions. 

We achieve our mission and vision by planning consistent relationship-building and youth-centered programming in the following five categories: fellowship, worship, service, pilgrimage, and education.

Confirmation Class

A hands-on experiential learning opportunity to:
Confirm Your Baptism
Discover Your Identity
Discern Your Beliefs
Learn Your Tradition
Lead Your Community
Own Your Faith

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